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Dr. Joshua Siegel


The Chiropractic adjustment restores balance, decreases pain, enhances cellular function, and renews energy flow.

Weight Loss

NutriMost is an exciting, customized weight loss and wellness program that uses cutting edge technology to help you reach your health goals.


Meditation is a wonderful tool for helping us find meaning and purpose in our lives, and for developing genuine serenity and happiness.

Welcome to Café of Life Chiropractic and Wellness where we serve people of all ages and walks of life.

Our mission is to support families in a joyful journey of health, growth and transformation

Dr. Joshua Siegel has a love of life that overflows onto every person he encounters.  His life's mission is to inspire and guide people to fulfill their own extraordinary lives. Dr. Josh received his chiropractic degree from Life University in Marietta, Georgia. His years at Life University gave him a deeper understanding, respect and passion for serving as a vitalistic chiropractor.  He continues to build his extensive knowledge in the chiropractic field by attending regular seminars and staying connected to new and emerging breakthrough research.

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"Spiritually, all suffering and sickness is non-existent.  It's only because of this current state of negativity and the lack of faith in our own power and existence that we have all this sickness, disease, and suffering.  For the spiritually inclined, you lose nothing and gain everything.  When there is a spiritual shift in the consciousness of our world, you will see people shift towards chiropractic and what we are truly all about."     

~ Pasquale J. Cerasoli, Chiropractor,

Mentor and Friend